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Spooky painting?

This painting is done by one of our greatest artist ever. No one has lived that long, except this artist.  This artist spend all day long in the greatest studio ever. Constantly creating beautiful art. Exhibitions all over the world and everyone's invited too see the efforts. None of the pieces are really for sale,… Continue reading Spooky painting?

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December window

Jim told us about his winter plants here: I have magic happening in one of my closets. The comments talk made me do this painting. Re-use art on black cardboard with dry pastels. Anna   

Nature miracles, Photographs, What ever

Lilacs again/syrener igen

Posting a photo of my lilacs in bloom, but not being able to share with you the wonderful scent the spreading is almost rude. Att posta ett foto av mina syrener i blom, men inte kunna dela med mig av den underbara doft de sprider är nästan oförskämt. Anna    Outside my window 🙂