Pastel paintings, Trosa paintings/Trosamåleri

Kv Ölstugan Trosa Sweden


One of Trosa recent residential neighborhoods. In my pastel version housing complex looks like a small fairytale castle almost. If I may say so myself.

Ett av Trosas senare bostadskvarter. Kv Ölstugan där Ica låg tidigare. I min pastellversion ser huskomplexet ut som ett litet sagoslott nästan. Om jag får säga det själv.
Målningen har vit ram, ca A3storlek på tavlan, pris 500 sek.


18 thoughts on “Kv Ölstugan Trosa Sweden”

    1. The house is called Ale house but it is not at all a beer house today. The name comes from the historical Trosa. “Pling”


            1. Exactly. That’s a sad development in my town, word wide known to be a cute little town. But now it’s growing too fast with new way too big buildings. But we still have pieces of our cute town left 🙂

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            2. Me too and so does most of our tourists too and those who live here in summer and all year, so it’s strange that we don’t take more care of that parts of our town. “Pling”

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