I got a new artproject idea and I need your help.

We all have to face millions of question everywhere we go. Some of them we don´t want to answer, some of them feels weird to answer, some of them we wanna tell a lie to answer.

Some questions are very easy to answer or fun or interesting to find an answer to. Some questions give us wake up calls, they make opportunities to change our lives.

Some questions makes us uncomfortable, stressed or sad. Other questions makes us happy, inspired and grateful.

In Swedish the Ash tree is called ASK. My painting idea is a tree (an Ash/Ask) with leaves as questionmarks.

Our lives are like a tree, with many branches and many question leaves. No one can ever know every answer about our selves. We will always have unanswered questions that no one know the answer to.

I want the painting to show the common or uncommon question we have to face in our lives. When we look at the painting we can read the questions and take our own time to answer them for ourselves. No one else have to hear our answer.

Do you have any questions you wanna ASK me (or someone else) ?

Feel free to ASK questions in the comments field. I will try to answer them if I can 😉

I will collect your questions and put them in the ASK-painting. Of course I will show you the final result of the painting here on my artblog.


ASK, sketch to future painting :)
ASK, sketch to future painting 🙂