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There’s nothing wrong with your blog

I bet you have thought that thought one or two times in your blog life.

Maybe one or more of these situations are familiar to you.

1. I’ve just started my blog and the theme looks fabulous and I have made some awesome posts, but no one visit my blog, what is wrong with my blog?

Nothing is wrong with your blog!

Maybe people haven’t found your blog yet. Have you told them that your blog exists? You can tell the world about your blog in so many ways. But the easiest and nicest way is to visit other blogs, like the posts and leave nice and interesting comments. It’s like mingling but you don’t have to stay around longer than you want and you don’t have to pretend you like everyone at the party 🙂

2. I write posts that gets tons of likes, but no comments, what’s wrong with my blog?

Nothing is wrong with your blog!

Maybe people don’t have anything to add to your posts. Maybe a like is enough, they think. Maybe they think they don’t know you, because they’ve never seen you leave a comment in other blogs. If you start leaving nice comments on other blogs, you will get comments in return eventually. Actually you will get lots of comments that turns in to chats if you like “talking” to your readers.

3. I don’t get any likes or any comments, what’s wrong with my blog?

Nothing is wrong with your blog!

Check your settings. Have you turned on the like and comments buttons? When you know those options is on, then you just have to visit blogs and leave likes and comments on other blogs, then you will get some likes and comments in return.

4. I don’t have any followers, what’s wrong with my blog?

Nothing is wrong with your blog!

How many blogs do you follow? Do you really think some one will follow you unless you don’t follow them? You have to take the first step.
In the beginning you will find out that you follow lot more blogs than you have followers, but when you think you reached a point where the number of followers ar ok in your eyes, then you can sit back and relax for a while. But keep your active blogging if you want to keep your followers and also get new ones.

5. My stats are dropping, what’s wrong with my blog?

Nothing is wrong with your blog!

If you don’t show activity in your blog community by visiting other blogs, leave likes and comments and create new posts or repost old ones, then your stats will drop. It’s all about mingling. You have to talk to the community through your blog post, by answering comments, by liking posts and comments, by reblogs if you find interesting posts to share.

So, nothing’s wrong with your blog! Keep blogging and you will get readers, followers, comments, likes and the best of all – you will find amazing wp friends out there 🙂


never ending blogger (homage to Escher)

51 thoughts on “There’s nothing wrong with your blog”

  1. Nothing is wrong with our blogs!!
    Love your vision. With the passing of time, you just post your entries and read the blogs you really like, comment whenever you feel like it and everything flows…
    Greetings from Oviedo!!

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  2. I’ve had mixed results with following new blogs. I mostly find that you don’t get follows in return if I follow first. I have a strict policy of allowing three days for them to follow me in return. I think that’s fair to both people.

    but I always check out my new follows to see who they are and what their blogs are about. I find most to be interesting and refreshing. I almost always follow in return with a couple exceptions with very few blogs that I was not comfortable with after checking them out. but I’ve found most to be good to follow.

    lastly, I think some blogs tend to grow better and faster than others due to the topic or how much effort one puts into it. and some just grow slow because that’s just the way of the world. it’s all good at the end of the day as far as I’m concerned and I get daily “plings”.

    🙂 “pling”

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    1. Thank you. I think I should follow them myself. I haven’t had much time to visit all blogs lately and not making new posts either and my stats dropping because of that. But on the other hand, the time away from visiting blogs has been art making time, so in a couple of weeks I will show what I’ve been up to 🙂

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  3. This is great stuff Anna. I think the biggest thing I have learned about blogging is that it is not necessarily about writing or photography or what we bring to the table as much as it is about community or acknowledging who is at the table with you.

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  4. Great post, Anna. I leave comments all over the place and could be likened to a dog relieving itself at every tree.
    I respond to all comments on my blog and feel that a like isn’t a sufficient response to most first round comments. You need to give a comment its due.
    What I have found useful is joining a number of blogging communities where you’ve meeting up with a similar group of bloggers regularly. This way, you get to know each other and build relationship.
    Reciprocity is a biggy but I also think that blogging needs to be more than You’ve shown me yours now it’s my turn. I tend to read through multiple posts at once on the blogs I follow most and don’t keep track of the give and take. I hope people are a bit fluid about all of this.
    xx Rowena

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    1. Agree. It’s nice to get to know people from all over the world through their blogs and comments. I learn new things everytime I’m on wp reading blogs and comments.

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  5. very true, like in any relationship, what you put in is what you get out, including actually READING people’s posts rather than just ‘liking’ them in the hope someone might press the ‘like’ button on yours 🙂

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  6. What’s wrong – I am not going to read novel length posts unless may be an academic paper of max interest or post of very close friend. I can’t stand adore my cat blogs or worship my baby blogs but that is just me and many people follow such blogs. I don’t care about your new nail polish color. But all the suggestions are solid encouragement to a newbie.

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    1. That’s the great thing with blogs. You don’t have to read things that bores you, you just move on to the next post or blog til you find the right blogs for you 🙂

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  7. Yes! Yes! Yes! I see these complaints on blogs every day. It is a learning curve. Until someone tells you, you don’t know how it works. Thank you for sharing!

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  8. I completely agree with you, Anna. I’ve only been blogging since January but I noticed a huge change in my stats once I started participating more. I wasn’t writing a great deal, one or two posts a week (hopefully quality over quantity) but I wasn’t commenting a great deal on other blogs either. So I switched my thinking. I joined a challenge to get myself posting daily and I put reading, liking and commenting first. I set aside 2 days for writing all my posts for the coming week and the other 5 days I devote to appreciating the efforts of others. This is a wonderful post and will really help others get the most out of their blogging experience.

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    1. What a great blogplan you have. I’m still randomly post, read and answer comments. But it’s gets messy in my head. Maybe I should try your way. We’ll see.

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    1. I think such thoughts sometimes too. But I will also now remember my own post. There’s nothing wrong with your blog 🙂


  9. Great post. But I think I can add a couple of things that I think you missed.

    Meta Tags. Learn to use them properly!
    A lot of people read blogs after searching through the WordPress Reader. I do too, Mainly “Gardening”, “GYO” and “Bees” so if your utterly awesome blog post on bees doesn’t have the “Bees” tag I’m not going to find it, read it and enjoy it!

    To get comments, engage your audience.
    If you give an info dump then all most people can do is say ‘Thanks for that’ but what they will likely do is maybe click ‘Like’ and move on. If you give the same info dump but say it in a manner that invites rebuttal and engagement from the reader then you are more likely to get it!
    I used to read a blog where almost every post was ended with a ‘What do you think?”. And I have to admit that I often clicked the comment box before I had realised!

    But you are oh so very right on reading other peoples blogs and clicking that ‘Like’ button. We both know it works because I am here reading one of your posts after you read one of mine! B-)

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  10. Thank you so much..actually i find your blog so useful,today was my first time that i just began it and i really was discouraged with no response but this actually made my day.And i will definitely learn from such blogs!

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