Trosa förbifart/Infart Västra, Trosa is the place

News article about Save Trosa nature

The letter that was sent to County Board asking them to save Trosa nature from a new big road that the politicians wants to build has now reached the local digital newspaper.

Nyheten om invånarnas skrivelse till Länsstyrelsen har nått lokaltidningen

Ni kan läsa artikeln här:
You can read the Swedish article here:

If you rather read a Google translated English version, here it is:

“County Board rejected the SSNC’s request for reconsideration of the project new big road in Trosa, as we previously reported. Now comes new demands on the County Board Act. 132 residents and two compounds on Tureholm Peninsula Gillbergsvik / Käftudden standing together behind a letter to the County Board.

They claim in particular that the exploitation of Tureholm Peninsula and Western Trosa is now a prerequisite for the road to be built according to the municipality’s funding decisions. An area at Käftudden, at the very Tureholm Peninsula, has previously been considered for the investigation reserve. The landowner Trosa Forest 1: 1 has opposed reserve formation.

In the letter to the County Board maintains the residents to:
“Tureholm Peninsula is high conservation with several endangered species, including sea eagles that the municipality uses in its advertising.

Their habitat is now threatened by the exploitation municipality and the peninsula’s largest landowners have imagined implement. Exploitation plans contrary to current practice for species protection. An environmental impact assessment should be made and include the development areas which are now paired with the infrastructure project. ”
The letter is available in its entirety on your site:

From Swedish Text and photo by Mai Ottoson”

Om du har missat inlägget Låt örnen flyga kan du läsa det här/read the where eagles fly post here:
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Vill du också bidra till att rädda Trosas natur eller veta mer om frågan kan du eposta mig på

Tillsammans kan vi få politikerna att vakna upp i tid. Vi behöver ställa om till ett hållbart leverne nu, inte skjuta upp det till nästa generation.

Together we can start the change. We need to take care of our planet now, not put it on hold to next generation.


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