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Are you feeling better…

   ...when you read about other feeling miserable? I'm not. But lots of people seems to do that when they read this kind of gossip press. I did a Swedish version of this drawing couple of years ago and now I've done an English version. I think this kind of papers look the same all… Continue reading Are you feeling better…

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#inktober 19 october 2015

Do this but don't do this    I read a post over at Sonofabeach96 One of those days And that made me draw todays inktober picture. It say's DO this but don't DO this. If someone offer you a helping hand, don't eat it!!! You might be needing more help and if you eat… Continue reading #inktober 19 october 2015

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One of my work mates

Cookie monster as amigurumi.  He's sitting on a table eating cookies all day long. Kakmonstret som amigurumi. Han sitter på ett bord och äter kakor hela dagarna. Anna