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I smell trouble ;)

I couldn't resist crotchet this little friend 🙂 Anna

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Idiot project?

Why did I crocheted the first one?  Because it was fun 🙂 Why did I put black dots on the dog? Because I remembered a story from my childhood. Why did I do another dog almost just the same? And a third one?  Have you yet figured out how many I have left to crochet?… Continue reading Idiot project?

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Amigurumi me :)

I have two more amigurumis artist to show you. Two local artists from Trosa. Both members of the paintergroup Rosa Hinken (Pink Bucket). One of them is Johan Hoflund. The other one, myself 😀 That's the closest a selfportrait you're gonna get from me. Have a nice day, evening or night, where ever you are… Continue reading Amigurumi me 🙂

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One of my work mates

Cookie monster as amigurumi.  He's sitting on a table eating cookies all day long. Kakmonstret som amigurumi. Han sitter på ett bord och äter kakor hela dagarna. Anna   

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Turtles, lots of them

Birthday present to a fifty years young woman, who collects turtles. Me and my sisters did fifty crochet turtles to her a couple of years ago.  Anna   

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Midsummer in Sweden 2015

This weekend celebrates Sweden midsummer. Originally a pagan tradition, which has survived the test of time and still celebrates the summer solstice. This year, the celebration seems to get done in the persistent rain. Anna    Crochet doll with the Swedish national costume  (I made it couple of years ago after following someones pattern)

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Amigurumis artists, last part

Two Swedish artists again. One of them still alove and kicking, Caroline af Ugglas and the other Herta Hillfon. Both very colorful artists in their own way.Anigurumis-konstnärer igen. Denna gång Caroline af Ugglas och Herta Hillfon. Båda mycket färgstarka på sitt alldeles egna vis.Anna