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The station agent

Jim talking about quiet time as a good thing and I totally agree. I have a favorite movie (well actually I have more favourite movies, but this is one of them) that really captures the good feeling of quiet time. If you're a extrovert person not liking quiet time you will think this movie stinks… Continue reading The station agent

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The girl in the cafe – why we should speak up

I have many favorite films and this is one of them. The girl in the cafe. I think the name sholud be Every second, because that's what the story is about really. Behind the girl meets boy theme there's another story. The one about have the guts to speak up when everyone else is silent.… Continue reading The girl in the cafe – why we should speak up

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You’re my airport

This is my first Christmas with you my wp friends. I like it a lot. You are all so very kind, helpful and giving. If the world was all you, we would have world peace by now. I put one film in my DVD player every year, it may be a silly one, but every… Continue reading You’re my airport

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Tomten/Robin Goodfellow

This is a film made with inspiration from a classic Swedish poem by Viktor Rydberg. It's an old film from 1941 but I love it both now and when I was a child. Thanks Lea, you inspired me to this post. Your comment about how we can understand poem in foreign languages though we don't… Continue reading Tomten/Robin Goodfellow

What ever


   Do you remember the film Wargames, where the defcon levels had a big impact on the drama? This evening Swedish security police held a press conference where they told us about a higher risk of terror attacks. Their scale are 1-5, where 1 is no threat and 5 is very high risk. They have… Continue reading 4!