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The open letter is spreading – det öppna brevet sprider sig

A friend thought I should ask the newspapers to help sharing the open letter to all leaders. En klok vän tyckte att jag skulle försöka få tidningarna att dela det öppna brevet till alla ledare. So far two of them have answered. The net newspaper was first to publish the open letter. Hittills har… Continue reading The open letter is spreading – det öppna brevet sprider sig

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We are now over…

...2000 followers of this blog That's fantasy numbers for me. It's all your doing. By sharing my posts, comment and like my posts and interact in every other way in the blogginf sphere you made those numbers. I'm not on any other social media, so it's your sharing and interacting that draw new readers and… Continue reading We are now over…

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What does stats tells you?

We are all in some way stats addicts But stats can also tell us something about how we blog This year is almost over, but I can already see that I got more hits than last year I can also see which posts that collected most views. It's interesting in several ways. Some posts I… Continue reading What does stats tells you?

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Reblogs and linkbacks

This seems to be a touchy subject, but I take the risk. Jason/OM at HarsHReaLiTy and Danny at Dream big dream often  says; sharing is caring. They're right, when we share each other's posts by linkbacks and reblogs. When we do that we automatically give credit to the author of the post we are referring… Continue reading Reblogs and linkbacks

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You’re my airport

This is my first Christmas with you my wp friends. I like it a lot. You are all so very kind, helpful and giving. If the world was all you, we would have world peace by now. I put one film in my DVD player every year, it may be a silly one, but every… Continue reading You’re my airport