We are now over…

…2000 followers of this blog

That’s fantasy numbers for me. It’s all your doing. By sharing my posts, comment and like my posts and interact in every other way in the blogginf sphere you made those numbers. I’m not on any other social media, so it’s your sharing and interacting that draw new readers and followers to this blog. I just write the posts and try to interact with you as often as I can. It’s time consuming but very fun and delightful. Thank you all for being here 🙂

You are all stars in the blogging universe 

How did you find my blog and how do we find your blog? 

Leave your link in the comments if you want new readers to your blog 🙂



What does stats tells you?

We are all in some way stats addicts

But stats can also tell us something about how we blog

This year is almost over, but I can already see that I got more hits than last year

I can also see which posts that collected most views. It’s interesting in several ways. Some posts I have rescheduled sometimes to get them visible in the wp app reader again. Other posts has collected views through sharing. Reblogs and linkbacks by friends and sometimes myself. It’s not so much the content, more than it’s interesting subjects in the posts. It’s more about when you publish and how much you interact at the time you publish.

As you can see my readers find the blog through wp app reader the most and then search engines and mail notifications. I’m not on fb, but some of you are and maybe you link posts you like. Therefore fb are one of the ways to my blog too even if I don’t use that channel. 

When you comment,reblog or like my posts some of the readers get curious about your blogs. That can happen when I reblog posts too or link to a blog I read. That’s why the top click list look like this. Many blogs on that list, which is how it should be if I interact with  you.

This is a real favorite section in the stats. The flag section. This is only the top 10 and there’s about 89 more in the list. That’s amazing. Bloggers reach worldwide and can talk to each other no matter how far away we are. My country come second in this list. That may be weird, but we’re a small country with about nine million people. About 8,999 million of them hang out at fb instead of wp I think, so maybe that’s why 😉

I don’t mind. I really like that I can talk to all of you outside my own country. I learn about the world everyday by reading your blogs and comments. 

When my country time CET (I think) is 8 o’clock in Sunday evenings, what time is it at your place? The high activity on my blog is Sunday 8 o’clock, but I bet it isn’t that time when you visit my blog if your not on CET time.

So far my blog has over 64 000 views, that’s a large number for me. The followers number are way over 1500. That is a out large number for me.

But, it’s all about how much you interact with other bloggers. If I want to grow my blog I have to spend endless of time here on wp with you all. That’s really nice, but that thing they call real life also takes lot of interaction time 😉

So before you wish yourself a growing blog, make sure you know you’ve got extra time for interacting. That’s the downside of growing. You don’t get as much time as you use to have to check up on everyblog friend every day. I try to visit your blogs as often as I can. You are my inspiration, so I haven’t forgot you 😉

Happy blogging!


Reblogs and linkbacks

This seems to be a touchy subject, but I take the risk.

Jason/OM at HarsHReaLiTy and Danny at Dream big dream often 
says; sharing is caring. They’re right, when we share each other’s posts by linkbacks and reblogs. When we do that we automatically give credit to the author of the post we are referring to with a link or reblog a post and turn of comments and ask people to visit original post to leave comments.

Reblogs and linkbacks are not stealing. Stealing is when you copy a post and don’t give credit to the actual author and claim that the writing is your own work. That’s a huge difference from sharing, caring and giving credit to the right writer.

Why do we get the idea to reblog and use linkbacks?

The caring is an obvious cause. If we want to help each other to get more readers and followers, we reblog posts we find interesting to share with our own readers to give them a chance to find new great blogs. We simply share our readers and followers with our wp friends.

Reblogs can also help your own blog finding new readers. Your reblog shows up in the comments in the original post. Some readers of that blog may think your kindness to reblog is worth a visit at your blog. You also get the attention of the blogger that wrote the post.

The linkback works almost similar. If you write a post and want to refer to a post that inspired your post, you can link back to that post to give your readers a chance to check out your inspiration source.
When you do that, the linkback shows in the comments in the post your link goes to and the blogger gets a notification about your linkback.

When you reblog a post you can be polite and turn off the comments for that post. You can read more about that in this post:


If you do that you show that your reblog is a way of caring and not stealing other writers work. The credit and the comments goes to the writer. You get the likes for your caring. Reblogged posts always have a link back to the original post, so you don’t have to do anything else but to reblog and turn off comments in the post settings.

With linkbacks you can still have your comments on. Then it is your writing in the post and the links to other post is just a way of telling where you got your information or inspiration from. You are the writer and therefore you should have the credit and comments.

So, how do we reblog and put in linkbacks?

This is how I do. If your administrate your blog from browser you might find this way of doing it weird. I often manage my blog from my ipad in wp app. So this is an ipad way of reblog and linkback.

I’ve used Jims post in the examples.

Finding the post in your reader in wp app that you wanna reblog or link to:

Open the post in your browser.

In the end of the post you find a reblog button. If you don’t find a reblog button, the writer has turned off the reblog option. Then you shall not try to reblog in any other way. Respect the author wish not to reblog the post.

When you press the reblog button you get a chance to write something that explains your decision to reblog to your readers. If you don’t want to write anything you just press reblog and leave the writing field empty.

When you reblog a post you can be polite and turn off the comments for that post. You can read more about that in this post:


How to make a linkback:

Press the posts url and copy. Make sure you’re in the full post and not just at the home page of the blog. You can link the blog url address too, but that doesn’t show up in the notifications the same way as a post linkback does.

The chain symbol is the link option. Mark your word or postname you want to put a link behind. Paste the url for the post you want to link to.

Good luck and happy blogging 🙂


You’re my airport

This is my first Christmas with you my wp friends. I like it a lot. You are all so very kind, helpful and giving. If the world was all you, we would have world peace by now.

I put one film in my DVD player every year, it may be a silly one, but every year I still want to see it. I don’t care what you think about it.

But I like the little stories about ordinary and unordinary people around Christmas time in London. The film start (and ends) with scenes from the arrival hall at the airport. I love those scenes where people meet up and show each other so much love. That’s a human spirit I like.

So you are my airport. You are always there and greet me with smiles, hugs and inspiration. And you take me to all corners of the world. Thank you!

What film I’m talking about?

Love actually (is all around)

If you don’t like the film, at least take a look at the beginning and the end and also listen to the music, it’s great music in that film.