Vasaloppet Sweden 2018

I know what I’m doing this Sunday morning. No I’m not participating in Vasaloppet, the biggest ski race in Sweden. But I do watch the start and rest of the race on TV.

It’s a race where professionals and amateurs race together.

The start is something unique. Thousands of racers start and release so much energy and expectations when the start signal goes.

Have a great Sunday. Hope you can watch the yotube clip or even find the broadcast of the race somewhere.

People from all over the world participate.

I did a drawing of the start.



Askö runt Sailboat race in Trosa 2016

Saturday 13 August 2016 it’s time for the sailboat race Askö runt in Trosa Archipelago.

I like sailboats.

Just look at this

I hope the Askö Runt sailors get a good nice windy day 🙂

How do you feel about boats?


Race against time – Tidsrace

Can we ever be number one in the race against time? Or does time always gonna be ahead of us?

Are we like the hare? Running without realizing that the time always will catch up no matter how long the race is and no matter how fast we run?

Are time our tortoise?

Are time wiser than we are?

When will we start to do as the tortoise?
Slow down and stop running?

I like tortoise tempo, that suits me very well.

Kommer vi någonsin att springa ifrån tiden, som en hare i tidsracet? Eller kommer tiden alltid att ligga före oss vid målgången?

Är tiden en sköldpadda?

Är tiden visare (hihi) än vi?

När ska vi börja göra som sköldpaddan?
Sakta ner och sluta springa som harar?

Jag gillar sköldpaddans tempo. Det passar mig utmärkt.


Tidsrace/Race against Time