Word creative workshop

How many times do you answer all nice comments with “thanks, thank you, thank you very much”?

Of course we all want to say big thank you:s to every wp-friend that expresses their liking of your posts.

But sometimes when I try to figure out something more to say than thank you, I get stuck. My mind tries to come up with another thank you-word. But I still can’t find thank you twin words 🙂

Can you?





35 comments on “Word creative workshop

  1. The fewer the number of words, the more difficult I find it is to express exactly what I mean. I think that is the skill of a great writer – to paint a picture in words, picking just the right few words.

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  2. It depends on the comment you’re responding to. If it’s a really positive response, you might feel like saying more than just thank you. If it’s just a generic comment though, I don’t think saying just saying thank you would look bad. Bottom line: do what feels right to you.

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