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You can save the world/Du kan rädda världen

How about that challenge?

Vad sägs om den utmaningen?


13 thoughts on “You can save the world/Du kan rädda världen”

    1. Yes. That was my thought. There are people who think they can save the world without saving the green, but they won’t succeed not matter how much they try. My challenge goes to those who see the green as something worth saving 🙂

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  1. I agree, Anna. Nature is just beautiful and we shall keep it green…
    But there are animals we have to protect, other sentient beings to care for…
    I’m trying to get 100’000 signatures to bring the russian governement to do controls on the animal’s shelter (for ex. these one on Bano “Echo” in South-east district of Moscow), and close such as this one on the video, transfering all animals to a protect place with vet care and food and loving persons.
    Please help me and sign the AVAAZ petition, and ask your friends to do so. In the youtube video you will see what is really going on… we all have to try to stop these abuses! Thank you so much for your help claudine

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      1. Dear Anna “chek it out” isn’t enough for the future of animals and humankind… we all have to show courage, example, endurance and pursue what our heart tell us to do. Just like me. That is the reason why I ask you to sign and share with your friends… we have to reach the “the critical mass” and we need to stand up… not only for our rights but for those of the animals too. I am sure you can understand… Serenity claudine


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