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Stats addiction – statistikberoende?

Are you a stas addict? Har du ett statistikberoende? The addiction usually starts in the beginning of blogging without any obvious signs. Beroendet startar vanligen i början av blogglivet utan några tydliga tecken. You get excited over the fact that someone likes your posts. Du känner en kick av att någon faktiskt har gillat ditt… Continue reading Stats addiction – statistikberoende?

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Sorry for not being around that often

Hey all of you. I'm sorry for not being around your blogs lately. So many must do things in the way right now. When I have done my posting for the day, the time is gone and I missed the opportunity to visit your blogs.  Hej alla bloggvänner. Jag har inte hunnit besöka era bloggar… Continue reading Sorry for not being around that often

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New milestone – over 2100 followers

Every followers milestone is stunning for me. I started this blog long ago and for the first years I didn't have more than about ten followers. How come? I didn't interact with any blogger. I just posted and posted and posted. Very few likes and even fewer followers showed up in the stats. But then… Continue reading New milestone – over 2100 followers


Explain this

My wp app gives me this message several times per day. It's frustrating that the app crash all the time. I answer "always send" on the send crash report question.  What do you think happens next time it crashes? Exactly - I get the same question again and I answer always send. Why does the… Continue reading Explain this

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2015 in review

Hey all wp friends! This is all your doing. Thanks so much for building this blog together with me by your reads, likes, comments, reblogs, linkbacks and all other ways you make this blog active and hopefully also interesting. I'm only on wp and no other social media, so these stats figures are big numbers… Continue reading 2015 in review

Trosa paintings/Trosamåleri

Julaftons fyr Trosa archipelago

  Our most photographed object in Trosa archipelago. A lighthouse-place we call "Julafton" wich is X-mas eve in english. The legend tells that shipwrecked were nearby and got rescued, one Christmas eve and since then, the lighthouse is called Julafton (Christmas eve). In this painting it is winter as you can see 😉 Anna

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Turtles, lots of them

Birthday present to a fifty years young woman, who collects turtles. Me and my sisters did fifty crochet turtles to her a couple of years ago.  Anna   

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Something borrowed, part 4

Another painting where I borrowed the motive from a painter friend. It is really fun to interpreting other paintings in my own way. You should try it! Let me know if you do that and wanna share the result with the readers. Ännu en målning där jag tolkat motivet från en målarkompis tavla. Pröva själv… Continue reading Something borrowed, part 4

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Reach over 600 followers without social media

I started this artblog as a showroom for my artwork. At first I thought the blog could reach my local "artfans" only, and I was satisfied by that. But then I noticed that others outside my little local area visited my blog and liked my artwork. I got a little more "greedy" for visitors and… Continue reading Reach over 600 followers without social media

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Hey you all 300!

And a couple of more than 300 now. Thanks for stopping by my blog once in a while 🙂 Really nice to "see" you and "hear" what you have to say. You're all a big inspiration. You give me new thoughts everyday. Thanks! I try my very best, when I have time, to read your… Continue reading Hey you all 300!

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Maybe the number 100 don't mean a thing, but today this blog reached 100 followers. That also means that I myself follows at least that many blogs because I try to follow the followers :)I've learned a lot from all your blogs, comments and likes. Thank you for being out there!Anna  

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White Spring

Woke up this morning and found this. Beautiful, but I want Spring without snow, so I hope the sun will melt the snow away.Vit vår mötte mig utanför fönstren i morse. Vackert, men jag gillar vår utan snö bättre :)Anna  

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Att vandra i Lars Lerins landskap

Jag har precis klivit rakt in i ett oändligt landskap, som anropar människans ursprung. Skogar, vatten, klippor, stenar, snö, is, djur och även några människoboningar. Att öppna Lars Lerins bok Naturlära innebär en vidöppen port till den natur vi aldrig någonsin klarar oss utan även om vi ibland får för oss det.Att vandra in i hans… Continue reading Att vandra i Lars Lerins landskap