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Rain vs Icky bad white stuff

The light starting to get back to us here now. This is around 18:30 today. In wintertime it's pitch black dark around 14:00-15:00. And no, I don't mind the raindrops on the windows. We actually need rain. But....what we don't need is that thing that Jim call icky bad white stuff coming down. An hour… Continue reading Rain vs Icky bad white stuff

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One of those days… want to grow back down again Do you have such days? The days that you wish you could be like 10 years old again. When tons of grown ups took care of all worries and problems for you. You didn't even know you had them. They just protected you from everything that was not… Continue reading One of those days…


Happy new year!

"Gott nytt år" is Swedish for Happy new year 😉 What's 'happy new year' in your language? Anna

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Dear Mother Earth

   I hope you will get a great new year. I hope me an all other humans realize that we should take care of you as you were a new born baby. You don't need us, but we sure need you. I'm sorry for us humans, being so infinitely stupid. We hurt you constantly and… Continue reading Dear Mother Earth

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Snowy Trosa

There's white flings coming down from the sky today. Second time this season and first time this year. I want Spring instead, but January and February is often snow months. Anna       Snowy Trosa Sweden

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Be careful what you wish for!

I have so much delightful fun here with you wp friends. I get so much encouragement from you in my posts and I try as often I can to give back that encouragement to you when I read your posts and answer your comments. I still haven't figure out what to think of the stats.… Continue reading Be careful what you wish for!

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Att bestiga berg/climb every mountain

Den här bilden brukar jag använda som ett slags självporträtt men också som en bild för varje människas sökande efter förståelse. Hur nära varandra kan vi människor komma varandra? Kan vi förstå vad någon annan tänker fullt ut? Någonsin? Kan vi ens begripa någonting av varandras inte tankeuniversum? Egentligen? Vi kanske bara tror att vi… Continue reading Att bestiga berg/climb every mountain