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The river Tommy Nilsson

This song from 1990 is a song I sometimes still get in my head. I don't know why, I just do. Right now the artist Tommy Nilsson is participating in a Swedish tv program, maybe that's why I remember it now. But the song pops up in my head now and then without that. I… Continue reading The river Tommy Nilsson

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I give you the morning/Jag ger dig min morgon

This is a repost again. The song is Swedish summer for me. Listen if you wnat. Thumbup, you can probably see the song 🙂 This is a repost, but I thought this song, that I write about in this post, is perfect for Valentine's Day. This song is maybe the perfect love song in Swedish… Continue reading I give you the morning/Jag ger dig min morgon

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Little Willie John Peter LeMarc This is a favorite song of mine that the Swedish artist Peter LeMarc has written. I like songs that tells stories. This is one of them. This is the lyrics. You find a google translated text below the Swedish text. I hope you enjoy the song 🙂 Jag var tjugo år gammal. Hon var… Continue reading Little Willie John Peter LeMarc

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What I Thought Was Mine

Out of nowhere I got a textline in my head from this song. One of my favorite song by a favorite Swedish singer. Every track she has done is great. Rebecka Tornqvist What I thought was mine Have a wonderful evening, night, morning or day wherever you are 🙂 Anna   

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I live in Thong!

Now you will never forget the name of my town 😉 In Swedish my town is called Trosa and that's also our word for thong. You can surely imagine how many jokes about that we have heard through the years when we tell about the name of our town. Thumbup, who was kind to translate… Continue reading I live in Thong!