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Crazy archipelago

In Sweden we have an absolutely heavenly archipelago. It’s so beautiful and peaceful, when it’s not a storm going on of course.

I think “millions” of artist have painted the archipelago scenes and so have I.

But with this painting I wanted to break the tradtion. The horizon is not horizontal and in our archipelago, there are no crocodiles. 

The weather is not sunny and calm, it’s dark and maybe there’s a storm coming up. Who knows.

So it’s kind of a crazy painting. But fun, I Think. I like breaking patterns and traditions to force the thoughts in new directions.



22 thoughts on “Crazy archipelago”

  1. I am not sure what to say about this painting. It seems different from your other paintings. I like it a lot. Maybe (for me) it is a painting to look at and not to talk about.

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    1. Well said. I had a hard time with it when I painted. Things didn’t go the way I wanted, but in the end I found a way to make peace with the picture. And that was to make a crazy archipelago, break rules of how to paint water, horizon and boats.


    1. What a great description of the painting. I wanted to do a unusual archipelago painting. I broke the horisontal horizon and I decided to paint some bad weather instead of sunny sky and glittering water. We don’t actually have crocodiles in our water, but I think that was fun to bring in to the picture.

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            1. I have struggle hard with that painting and finally I was ok with it, but not great ok, so your ideas may lead to something changes for the painting.

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