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-12 degree C/10,4 degree F

   Winter landscape in Trosa archipelago is beautiful in coldness, but I think it's far tooooo cold for me. At this temperatures many people starting to look for sea ice to skate on. No ice by my place to skate on yet though, and I would never dare to go out on sea ice. I've… Continue reading -12 degree C/10,4 degree F

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Up to surface

   This post by Stephellaneous caught my attention and reading time today. The Shrinkening Commences https://stephellaneous.wordpress.com/2015/12/06/the-shrinkening-commences/ Please give her some oxygen. We can all help her on the way up to surface if she has enough oxygen in here diving tubes. Go visit her blog. She's an excellent writer 🙂 Her first therapist called us… Continue reading Up to surface

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Crazy archipelago

In Sweden we have an absolutely heavenly archipelago. It's so beautiful and peaceful, when it's not a storm going on of course. I think "millions" of artist have painted the archipelago scenes and so have I. But with this painting I wanted to break the tradtion. The horizon is not horizontal and in our archipelago,… Continue reading Crazy archipelago