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Check your links in your profile 

This is an old post that I repost now and then. Some of you that press like button on my posts have blind links in your profile. When I want to check your blog by clicking the like notification I don't find your blog!  It don't intend to start a how you blog section on… Continue reading Check your links in your profile 

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Stats weirdness

   I like wp's weird stats. Today I got 101 likes so far, but only 43 views!  I'v learned that when you press like from the reader without click at the post for showing the whole post, the view stats don't count your view. So I probably have 101 views and not 43 today. But… Continue reading Stats weirdness

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Do you click yourself?

OM has a good point here. Lots of namnes doesn't lead back to active blogs. Please check this out if you want people to find your blog.