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My Community – Part 2

Thanks Jason for including me in such awesome list. Everyone - read Jasons advice on how to check your gravatar link settings in the post after the community list/Anna

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Do you click yourself?

OM has a good point here. Lots of namnes doesn't lead back to active blogs. Please check this out if you want people to find your blog.

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You seem to have a large following. How long have you been blogging?

In this post comments, the question was asked by the postwriter. I promised to write a post as an answer. Now I will do that. My following-history began only a couple of months ago even thought I setted up this blog a few years ago. Why? When I first started the blog I did it… Continue reading You seem to have a large following. How long have you been blogging?

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How do I find you?

How come I ended up as a follwer of your blogs?   1. You found my blog and liked one post or two. When you like one of my posts and push like button I get a message about that in my wp app. In the notice department it is very easy to push follow… Continue reading How do I find you?

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Share a Post

Jasons Friday has begun. Join the share a post session! Please go to original post to leave comments in the first place 🙂 Anna

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What will you do when a wp friend is e-gone?

A big sad news in this wp world is about how OM/Jason disappeared from the blogging sphere. One day he was e-gone. When I read blogposts about this I see that many of us remember him as helpful, fun and also amusing irritating. It's sad when such person disappeares from our community. But instead of… Continue reading What will you do when a wp friend is e-gone?

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Is it just me?

Is it just me, or have anyone of you in WP community noticed a lower activity in your stats these last days OMs been away from HarsHReaLiTy?I understand WP has an issue with the high activity OMs making. But when they try to limit his activity I think it effect us all. His activity is spreading… Continue reading Is it just me?