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A wow-milestone for 2016

This blog has past last years views number already. That means 2016 will be a year with more views than last year. That's fun. You can also see how my previous years looks like when it comes to views. The first two years I was posting almost every day, but I didn't visit other blogs… Continue reading A wow-milestone for 2016

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Sounds of silence

Check out one of my wp friends new blog. She writes beautiful Swedish poems, mostly about how hard life can be as young and no one understands you. You probably remember times like that from your youth or maybe you are in such state your self right now. In both situations you will recognise… Continue reading Sounds of silence

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Stats weirdness

   I like wp's weird stats. Today I got 101 likes so far, but only 43 views!  I'v learned that when you press like from the reader without click at the post for showing the whole post, the view stats don't count your view. So I probably have 101 views and not 43 today. But… Continue reading Stats weirdness

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Art Sunday #34: Anna Ancher – Interior With Poppies and Reading Woman

Art Sunday #34: Anna Ancher - Interior With Poppies and Reading Woman. If you haven't yet found Jim's corner of the wp world, then pay a visit to his blog on Sundays when he tells about great art and artists. This one for an example.


Welcome number 200 and all of you before 200 ;)

Now I reached 200 followers. That also means that I follow at least 200 and maybe more. Thank you all for following my blog. I try my best to make the blog worth visiting. Anna    Hello 😀