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Steglits – European Goldfinch

Right outside my window there's a water hole in the rock. It's a favorite place for many birds. I see them almost everyday go there drinking water or take a bath. This litte fellow often comes around. It's a goldfinch. In Swedish we call it Steglits. Anna

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You bring the sun out

We passed solstice recently and already we can see a change. The sun still comes up late and goes down early, but it is a small change. It's a relief. Here's what nature does with some small rocks placed upon each other by humans. A tiny little stone figure watch the sunrise. Nature do magic… Continue reading You bring the sun out

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You are perfect…

...just the way you are. That goes for all of you. I challenge you all to try to think this of your self: I'M PERFECT! Never mind your physical or mental illness, worries, anxiety, looks, defects and what other people try to make you believe as not perfect in you. Never mind everything negative you've… Continue reading You are perfect…

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Sky’s on fire?

   Nature miracles never cease to amaze me. Look at this sky. I could never do a painting that magic. I'm glad I could capture the moment with a camera. I always get overwhelmed by nature beauty. Every word is to small to describe nature miracles, every feeling is to limited to express the experience… Continue reading Sky’s on fire?

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White wagtail

   One of the really merry Spring signs is the White wagtail coming back to us after winter season. I spotted the very first White wagtail of the year on the roof recently. I didn't have a camera at the time, so you have to take my word and my drawing as proof 🙂 I… Continue reading White wagtail