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White dove again

I've seen the white dove again. I only had my phonecamera at the time but I think you can see a white bird on the roof. Our doves are grey normaly, so a white dove is special 🙂 I so hope that bird means peace for all of us.  Anna         

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Blue tree

   Made this on my old phone in waiting to get home for drawing real pictures. But when I finally got home I was to tired to draw, so today this will be my drawing for today 🙂 If you have a story to tell about the blue tree or the thing under the tree,… Continue reading Blue tree

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Do you read my blog on your phone?

One of my followers noticed trouble with reading my blog on the mobile phone. I checked my settings and my theme were set as mobile friendly. I asked WP support, what may causing the trouble. I got this answer. Anyone else have problems with reading my blog on the phone? Please let me know. I… Continue reading Do you read my blog on your phone?


First post from phone

My ipad has gone mad. Or the bad connection. Or the app. I don't know. I'll be back with a real post with pictures when I can. My ipad app won't let me create a post right now 😦 But I can read your posts and comments, so I'll do that instead 🙂 Anna