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Help us Save Trosa nature

If you are on fb and would like to support the Save Trosa nature movement. Please visit fb Mötesplats 0156 and give Ingrids post a like. It´s in Swedish, but it says Help us save Trosa nature and protect the wild animals in the area. Anna

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Hey! Where did the reblog button go?

Have you noticed that the reblog button is missing on your posts. I read several posts this evening that I wanted to reblog, but there was no reblog button. Then I checked my own blog and guess what? Reblog button was gone there too even if I have set the reblog ON in my settings.… Continue reading Hey! Where did the reblog button go?

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Found the turn off comments section!

In a previous post I was searching for the turn off comments for rebloged posts. With a little help from Ritu and some other wp friends who leaved comments in the post I found it.            So, reblog away and turn off comments if you want the original post to  get the… Continue reading Found the turn off comments section!

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Tomtegröt/Plot porridge

   I don't care about Christmas that much in these days. But when I was a kid I thought it was a magic time of the year. Not for the presents or anything else in particular. I liked the atmosphere and the "tomte" stories. I still like the tomte stories. Not the ones of Santa,… Continue reading Tomtegröt/Plot porridge