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Sea painting

I often read Jims Art Sunday posts. This time I read: Art Sunday #48: Anna Boch – The Shores of Brittany and that inspired me to do a quick dry pastel sketch. This is the result. Anna   

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Can you hear the sound of "Pling" when your ipad,cellphone or computer call for your attention? Can you hear what your device want to tell you with that "pling"? Do you jump up and down when you hear the "pling"? Or do you sigh over the "plings" everytime they disturb you? I think the "plings"… Continue reading Pling!

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A small sketch with big thoughts

   🙂 Anna

BlackandWhite family, drawings, What ever

Puzzle giraffe/Pusselgiraff

What do you think about this creature? Vad tycker ni om denna varelse? Anna       I tried a red field first.

BlackandWhite family, drawings