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Morning sky

Nature beauty capture with an old but full working phone camera. I like quiet mornings 🙂 Anna

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Baking day last day of the year

One of you, my wp friends wrote a post about baking donuts a while ago, maybe I read it in the beginning of December or the end of November. But I don't remember who wrote the post, I am so sorry. I wanted to give credit to the one who inspired me to try baking… Continue reading Baking day last day of the year

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Archipelago candy/Skärgårdsgodis

This is a photo from one of my kayak trips in Trosa archipelago. I added some candy we call rasberry boats. I think they look good on the water. Foto från en av mina kajakturer i Trosa skärgård. Jag har lagt till några hallonbåtar, som jag tyckte kunde guppa omkring på småvågorna. Anna   

Nature miracles, Photographs, What ever

Total calmness/stilla ro

Trosa Archipelago Sweden Anna

Nature miracles, Photographs, What ever

Me – ants: 2-1

Strawberry match in the garden. I got two and the ants got one.  We'll see how it goes with the rest when they turn red. Anna     2 to me...   1 to ants 

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Sun will do it ;)

I think sun will take the white stuff away during the day and bring back green Spring :)Jag tror att solen kommer att smälta borta snön under dagen och trolla fram den gröna våren igen ;)Anna  

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Cute kids?

Today the bears at Skansen in Stockholm woke from their hibernation. Even the newborn wild boar kids got to get out in the fresh air. Last year I had the good fortune to on the way home to see wild boar kids walking on the roadside. Here they are:)