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Speak Swedish part 7

The previous Speak Swedish post got a comment about the swedish word "slut". It is not the same as the word in English. Just look at this. In English the word means something totally different  We pronounce the word differently, but when we write the letters only, who can then tell the difference? Languages are… Continue reading Speak Swedish part 7

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Speak Swedish part 6

When I was in school about hundred years ago I thought it was scary to learn English, a foreign language. The thing that scared me was, what if I can't learn it properly, what if I say the wrong words, spell them bad and so on. What if I don't understand the language.  I was… Continue reading Speak Swedish part 6

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Speak Swedish part 3

I will keep saying that you all can learn Swedish. Read this (English translation) April (April) September (September) Oktober (October) November (November) December (December) That wasn't to difficult, ha? Anna   

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I hear you

What do you think this fly on the wall hear? In Swedish we have the expression "en fluga på väggen" a fly on the wall, who can hear everything in a room. Maybe that's the same in english? We say: I wish I could be a fly on the wall so I can hear what… Continue reading I hear you

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Reach out and jump in

Are you aware of that your language settings on your dashboard makes different in how many people you reach with your blog? This is mainly for you, who don't choose english as language in the settings. If you choose your own language, me for an example, choosed Swedish when I started my blog. A stupid… Continue reading Reach out and jump in