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The sun will come out tomorrow

Every day has a meaning and we can always learn something new. Last week and the beginning of this week I learned that many people in my area wants to save our nature. They want to help, they want to support and they all want the politicians and authorities to listen. So I hope the… Continue reading The sun will come out tomorrow

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Shovel free snow!

Today I learned from Masgautsen and Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog that there is shovel free snow to be found at: WP admin-settings-general-snow-tick box-save settings Anna   

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Speak Swedish part 2

Today you gonna learn a Swedish word you'll never forget. I can almost promise you that. It's not a difficult word, nor a long one with lots of letters to remember. It's a word linking other words together and in that meaning it do no harm or do not upset anyone. But when we single… Continue reading Speak Swedish part 2

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Speak Swedish!

Learn Swedish - it's easy 🙂 I'm not kidding. You will learn Swedish in a hurry. At least a few words. These words for an example: Swedish(English) Cash (Cash) Pizza (Pizza) laptop (laptop) jetlag (jetlag) tennis (tennis) golf (golf) winter (vinter) ipad (ipad) iphone (iphone) boss (boss) Ten words to learn in Swedish, that wasn't… Continue reading Speak Swedish!