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Morning and afternoon in Trosa

   Still rather dark mornings in February about 9 o'clock when the sun just take a sneek peek over the roofs to the left in the photo.    The moon is up at five o'clock in the afternoon already. And between that there's a couple of hours in daylight. I hope you have a great… Continue reading Morning and afternoon in Trosa

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Truesax 13 februari

I often say, start a painters group with some friends and start painting. But if you do not want to paint you might want to play an instrument. Then you do what Truesax did twenty years ago in Trosa. Start a band and learn how to play. They picked up the saxophones and started to… Continue reading Truesax 13 februari

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Mother Nature as a sculpteur

Just look at this             Even if we humans tried to create such perfectness, we wouldn't come near this beauty:) Anna

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Trosa hamn/Trosa harbor in February

Trosa hamn en februarikväll, med vår i luften och is och snö kvar på marken. Solens sena strålar hjälper vattentornet långt uppe på berget nå ända ner till gästhamnens vattenspegel. Alldeles underbar stillhet och tystnad. Må alla som besöker och bor i Trosa för alltid kunna uppleva detta naturens under mitt i staden en helt… Continue reading Trosa hamn/Trosa harbor in February